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Our journey towards this path began rather early. As a class 12 student.

We had decided to pursue medicine and hence took admission to the Government Unani Medical College in Bangalore.

Our family circle consisted of more than 15 qualified doctors who belonged to the family of traditional healers.

Our fathers and ancestors have been practicing UNANI and Ayurveda for ages and which have been practiced from generation to generation even today.

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We deliver medicines to Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Burma, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates, Muscat, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Canada, UK, and the USA.

Do you suffer from sexual problems such as (ED) erectile dysfunction, (PE) premature ejaculation, loss of libido (sex drive), (STD), etc.?

You can avail of direct consultation at our clinic as well as you can use the online consultation form and get medicines by courier service.

Dr. Wasim Ahamed Roy
CEO – Chief Physician


Dr. Wasim Ahamed Roy B.U.M.S. is an expert in sexual medicine and also the best counselor for premarital and post-marriage delusions, fears, misconceptions, and helps to overcome the wrong psychological effects for those who regularly watch porn movies and have a bad effect on their normal sex life.

Our doctors are offering the best solution to sexual difficulties through normalizing blood circulation, correcting hormone imbalances, strengthening muscles through effective herbal medicine, and also by providing the best counseling to enhance mental confidence, and this combined therapy has helped many people to achieve happiness in their sex life.

Convenient time for treatment and moderate cost.

We understand that a sexologist doctor should work at a convenient time. For example, it makes more sense that more patients would be free after having more hours at the end of a week.

Furthermore, we know that medical costs must be market-oriented, so no patient feels burdened.


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